A Sequel to A Long, Long Sleep.

Many, many people have asked about a possible sequel to A Long, Long Sleep. There is one in the works, but I’m afraid I have no idea when such a thing may be published. As of this time, it is still in the editing stage. When a sale is made and a release date is set, I promise the knowledge will be generally known. I will say, knowing the glacial pace of the publishing industry, think months if not years. I apologize to everyone who wants to hear more about Rose, Otto and everyone else right now,but I actually have no control over this whatsoever. Thank you, however, for your interest!


  1. That’s great news Anna!

    I would love to read a sequal sooner rather than later but like you said, the publishing industry is a waiting game.

    I hope you are able to sell it and publish the sequel. :) I’ll be one of the first in line to get a copy that’s for sure.

  2. Hello! I loved your book!
    hope you get to make a sequel it would be wonderful!
    Hugs from a Brazilian who fell for his art in the first pages.

  3. Hi !
    I’ve just finished reading A long, long sleep (well, the French translation) and I’m very glad to hear there will be a sequel ! I juste want to tell you I really loved the way you turned the story, it made it a lot more interesting and richer that what I first expected when I bought the book. I really, really loved it !

    Cheers from Paris,


  4. Hey Anna,
    Your work is beautiful!
    I finished Adormecida (brazillian version) right now and I can’t breath. I just love your book with all impossible forces, you are a great writter and I want read more You! The story, the characters, the world that you created are just incredible. And I’m very happy right now for the read it, and much very happy for the sequel’s news. I’ll read, of course! And about Adormercida, I’ll produce a review about how incredible your book is, because everybody should read his.
    Thank you for this world!

    • Thank you! I was always thrilled with the Brazilian version, and I’m glad that the translation appears to be carrying the heart of the story. I’m so pleased that you let me know, and thank you for the review.

  5. You can’t imagine how often I cried while reading your book. I’ve just finished it, about 5 minutes ago, and I think I might be insane. I just couldn’t believe it was “the end”, so the first thing I did was search for a sequel, and I’m so glad that there will be one that I can’t concentrate on the task of translating all my portuguese feelings to english. Just wanted to say I love your book and I love the fact that there will be a sequel some day. Kisses from Brazil. Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

    • Actually, your English is better than most American’s. Thank you for telling me. The book made me cry a lot, myself. (The sequel is making me cry more, but for different reasons.) Thanks again!

  6. Libby Audrey says:

    It’s almost 4am (I’m in FL) and I’m in college. That’s irrelevant I suppose. I wanted to say, I bought your book for the kindle, and I read it on my laptop in about a day’s time. There’s many reasons why I love your book. I don’t know where to begin, so I’ll just start typing.

    I love the unique plot. You really created this story that’s beyond unique in ways I haven’t found in a book since “The Gemma Doyle Trilogy” by Libba Bray.

    The twists and turns kept me on my toes and tissues to my eyes. I rarely ever cry while reading a novel and to be honest, I felt Rose’s pain, anger, and every emotion in between.

    You’ve inspired me to continue my journey as a writer. Although where I am in my writing is less than satisfying, I know that I need to persevere and write everyday. I blog, which isn’t the same as writing short stories, but it helps.

    I fell deeply in love with the characters you created. Truly.

    I cannot wait for this possible sequel. I have a few ideas of what you may include in it and I’m bouncing with excitement.

    Good luck with finding a speedy publisher.

    There was one grammatical error. Towards the end when Bren’s grandad is talking about his wife, the line goes, “You wife knew about me?” It’s on location 4806 out of 4934.

    I’ll be recommending your breakout novel to all my friends, goodread followers, and anyone who is in need of a wonderful book to read.

    I hope you tour someday. It would be a great honor to meet you.

    I’ll be keeping up to date about this sequel.

    Best Wishes,
    Libby Audrey

    • (Bloody line editors! Well, they try their best. Did you catch the screw-up about New-Russia being on Io at the start of chapter 10, when it’s supposed to be on Titan? They fixed it for the paperback, thank heavens. It’s a detail that becomes important for the sequel.)

      Thank you! I need all the help I can get. The sequel has been running into roadblocks, and the journey of a writer is exhausting in the extreme.

      As for becoming a writer yourself, I suggest not trying if you’re not willing to have everyone tell you it’s a waste of effort — because you’ll be saying it to yourself eventually — and you have to be able to stand up to it. Writing by itself is rewarding, and I recomend it to everyone. Writing for publication is exhausting, and best of luck to every brave soul who faces the challenge.

      As for touring, I have little to no control over that, though I’d love to tour myself, sometime. Thanks for the vote of confidence!


      • Libby Audrey says:

        Thank you for replying!

        Best of luck to you and this excruciatingly long process of rewriting and rewriting.

        I appreciate your advice, and you’re right. I don’t think that I’m ready to become a writer full time. Maybe once I gain more confidence in my capabilities.


  7. Is the journey to a sequel the sort of thing that would be helped at all by demanding letters sent by readers to your editor? Because if it would help, I’ll write one.

    I also hope you are OK. Your hanging post about going into the hospital is a little worrisome. I’m fond of babies in general, so that means I worry about mothers in general. I hope your doctors are doing all the right things.

    • I’m fine, and so is the newest addition to my family. Thanks for the concern! As for the book… I don’t know what would help. They want the sequel, they just aren’t sure they want my sequel, so we’re beating it out in rewrites. It’s a long, slow process. As for helping, telling all your friends and writing reviews of the current book is probably the thing that would help the most. Thanks, though.

      • First off congratulations on the new addition to your family! I hope you both are doing well. Thank you for writing such a profound, heartfelt, and beautiful novel. It was a great book and I enjoyed every word I read. I hope you don’t mind me asking but what exactly do you mean by they aren’t sure they want your sequel? I’d hope that since it’s your book they would want the original author to write the sequel. I really hope the sequel works out!! It takes so much work to put out a book and I really appreciate all the time and effort you put in!

        • The sequel did not exactly meet with their expectations. I didn’t just write the same book over again. Because it was very different, they made some pretty serious demands on the rewrite. Some of which were so serious that I’ve had to restart several times. I’m a new author, and my word isn’t particularly strong in this relationship, genuine and enthusiastic as my publishers are. Time and effort are the least of what I’m putting in — blood, sweat and tears (lots of tears sometimes) end up in these stories. Thanks for your interest in my family, and my writing! I’m still working on those wretched rewrites. I promise to let everyone know when something concrete is available.

          • Thank you for the reply! Best of luck with the writing process and I really hope that it all works out for you!

  8. I’ve read your book so many times it’s ridiculous. If the sequel ever comes out, I will definitely buy it. I got A Long, Long Sleep for the kindle, and I think it was offered for free. I wish I had known how good of a read it is because I would’ve waited and purchased it instead! I’m looking forward to hearing more about Rose’s siblings, and how her relationships with Bren and Otto pan out. Thank you for writing an amazing book.

  9. Amazing!!! I just finished this book, and like all books I read, I immediately went to the internet searching for a sequel. I am sad it hasn’t been published yet, but I will enjoy reading this book over and over again! Do you think it will be out before the end of this year?

  10. Jessica Prince says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I loved this book and I read a lot. One of my co-workers commented that I read a new book every week. Truth be told I can read a book in a day but things like kids and work interfere with that :) I guess the point in my telling you how much I read is to let you know ‘A Long Long Sleep’ was my favorite. Finding a new author is like being given an exciting present. I was disappointed that you have only published one so far but am waiting with great anticipation for your next one and hope for many more!

    • I very much understand the little kids problem. I’m working on other books, but I’m so glad you liked this one, and that it meant something to you. That’s why I write, and I’m glad that people like you read. Take care of those kids, so they’ll become readers too! Thanks again.

  11. Susan Magaitis says:

    I just finished your book, it was AMAZING! I can’t believe there isn’t a sequel yet. How the heck do other authors get their stuff out so fast? I know editing is a nightmare, it’s taken me twice as long to edit my manuscript than it took to write it, but please, can’t the publishers see what an amazing book you have? Sorry if I sound a little irate, but it’s a travesty that you don’t have a whole series out yet. I now it might be cos it takes so long to write, and I hope its because you are ruminating and taking your time, and not the crazy publishing industry holding you back. Anyways, the purpose of this note is to encourage you to keep writing, and a prayer that Random house will give A Long Long Sleep better publicity, like they have with some of their other featured authors. I’d love to see a magazine like Dolly release your book with each copy, so it hits your target audience. Wishing you blessings and success. Love Susan

    • The reason it hasn’t come out yet is a grueling and exhausting one, mostly involving chasing my own tail, and I can’t put my finger on whose fault it is: My own, for writing something odd, somewhat depressing and thus unpublishable, or the industry itself, for its somewhat ambiguous and arbitrary expectations. I don’t spcifically blame any agents or editors or anything else, — they’re pretty universally sweet, or at least try to be — and the chronology is wrong to blame my life circumstances, so… Anyway. Thank you for the vote of confidence! I need it, believe me.

      • Susan Magaitis says:

        Thanks for your response. It made me a bit sad. It’s not like you can self publish the sequel through Amazon, cos I’m assuming that Random House has the copyright to your characters:( I’m really sorry that it hasn’t worked out yet. I think you need to stay true to your characters and the events that you’ve recorded. You seem like an author who cares about the integrity of your work, and you should hold onto that. The story is more important than fame and money (although you deserve both for what you’ve written thus far). After reading your book and finding out that L.J. Smith was fired and replaced by a ghost writer because she didn’t want to take the series in the direction the publishers wanted. I’m kinda thinking I’m going to go Indy with my first series. I know there’s the publishing purests who believe that only the traditional publishing houses put out good work, but people like Amanda Hocking, J.K Rowling, and E.L James were initially overlooked by traditional publishing. You’re talented, it sucks that it’s not being celebrated by a series. Will keep you in my prayers. Blessings to you and yours.

  12. I am so glad to hear that there will be a sequel! I can’t even tell you how many times I actually cried while reading this book! It was touching and thought-provoking. I didn’t want to have to say goodbye to the characters when I finished the book- and know I’m glad that I don’t have to! I LOVED this book and will definitely be buying he sequel!!!!

  13. I loved the book and can’t wait for the sequel.
    Does anyone have any book that you think i should read???????

    • Anything by Diana Wynne Jones — she was my favorite author. The Last Unicorn by Beagle and the Thirteen Clocks by Thurber. Anyone else?

  14. Hi! I’m from Brazil and I love your book! That’s my favorite book, and I wanna know if you go publish the sequel? Sorry for my English!

  15. Natalie Carter says:

    I picked up “A Long Long Sleep” today and honestly could not put it down. I fell in live instantly, and am just SO excited that there is a possibility of a sequel. I really hope to become an author, and your work truly was inspiring. Thank you so much for creating such brilliant characters and taking such a classic as the tale of Sleeping Beauty which I loved growing up, and making it something I can enjoy today. Amazing work, thank you so much.

  16. Hi Anna!

    I’m really excited to see that there is a sequel coming- I love the ending of A Long, Long Sleep, but I also wished, when I read it, that I knew whether or not there was going to be a sequel. I can’t wait to see where the story takes the characters!

    Also, you left a message on my tumblr about a collage I made quoting A Long, Long Sleep, and I’m so glad you liked it so much! I just wanted to say thank you for your so kind words. I felt so happy, reading that message.


  17. Anna,

    I usually don’t read a book twice but I loved your book when I read it a year ago and now I’m listening to it in the car on my way to work again. Knowing the details from the first reading enhances the story and I’m getting a new perspective on it.

    I was so hoping the sequel would be out by now, but I along with countless others will just have to be patient. I know it will be worth it.

    I tell everyone to buy this book. It’s a great read.

    • Oh, thank you! I thought it would be out by now, too. There’s been a snafu in the editing process, but we’re working on it. Keep telling your friends. The book didn’t make it onto Barnes and Noble shelves, which really really hurt sales, but if the sales remain steady even when no longer a new release, the new release of the sequel might bring both of them into the public sphere, where it actually stands a chance of competeing with the dirivitive fanfictions which seem to be all over the bestseller lists recently. Thanks again.

  18. So glad to see there will be a sequel to your book.
    I finish your novel last week and I can’t stop thinking about the next one.
    I particulary like Otto and his own history.
    I hope to read your book soon and forgive me for any language mistakes you could find. (I’m french if it can excuse me XD)
    Thanks for this great reading.

  19. Olá Anna, gostaria de te dar os parabéns pelo livro, é lindo, emocionante, e inesperado,
    Espero muito que tenha uma continuação, por que simplesmente amei o Livro, e Rose

  20. LOVEE this book :D I just read it and I honestly finished it in like 4 days! such a good book!! (:

  21. Sigh. I was rereading your book and I still want a sequel. Do you realize Sara and Stephano have been stassed for another two years, just waiting on publishers? It’s a rough life.

  22. Anna,

    I found the wonderful book, I confess that I devoured in 2 days. With or without following sequence is a magnificent work, but I am curious as to the Rose brothers, are they still alive? If they are as they are? Same submissive Rose was a lifetime or be more energetic?

    In my imagination I think they would fight for control of Unicorp, since Sarah is the eldest, regardless of the age at which they fell asleep …

    In the end I think I support the continuation, because my imagination ends up being too perverse for such an amazing and delicate story.

    A big kiss from your brazilian fan!

    • Actually, the eldest is technically Stephen! (He’s been in stasis longest.) Thanks so much for letting me know how you feel about my book. The sequel is… long in coming, but we’ll get there in the end. I’ll keep everyone posted. Thanks again!

  23. Dóra Varga says:

    I’m from Hungary (I’m sure you’ve never heard about this country), I’m 15 and I’ve just finished your book. It was my world. I could live myself completely into the story, and at the moment everything I can say is… this story is AMAZING! Actually I fell in love with Otto and I want moooore! I can’t say anything normal because I’m shocked! I’m begging for the sequel, because it would be so wonderful to read it… Hope one day it’ll come out and we can hold it in our hand. (By the way sorry for any mistakes, but I’m so excited right now about the sequel.)
    Huge hugs from my little country,

    • Of course I’ve heard of Hungary. For one thing, they bought my book. But apart from that — thank you! I’m so glad that the book was important to you. I’m working on the sequel, and I hope it gets translated for you when it comes out. Thank you so much!

  24. Anna,
    I actually started reading your book at 3pm today and as of 2am I’ve finished it. I found it utterly impossible to put down! I’m an avid reader, but I can honestly say I’ve never finished a book so fast. It was wonderfully written and well thought out. To read that a sequel is in the works gives me goosebumps. Hopefully it comes out soon!


  25. Just ran across a review of this fabulous book and decided to get a copy. After it arrived, I laid it aside as I was reading a series of books and wanted to finish them. Well, I accidentally left the one I was reading at my sons and thought, what the heck I’d go ahead and read A Long Long Sleep as it was a standalone. Well, I was sucked in very quickly and read through the night (one of the most awesome things about being retired). Needless to say, I want more! As there were apparently at least two other children in this freaky family, I’ll not settle for less than at least two more books. The most fabulous re-telling of Sleeping Beauty I’ve yet to read. Thank you so much. I am passing on my copy to my daughter who keeps a library in her classroom for her kids. I know they will enjoy this as much as I did.

  26. Tamiles says:

    Hello, Anna ! My name is Tamiles I am Brazilian and would like to thank you for A Long , Long Sleep . It is one of my favorite book. The story and the characters are wonderful . Otto is my favorite ! He ‘s cute! :D
     But I admit , what I loved most was his creativity , i never read a book dystopia he turned to rebuilding society after several apocalyptic events , people’s behavior , new technologies , andthe damage that it can cause ! Reading this was really fascinating ! And I must say that the climax of the story evolved to other level .
    Please , please , please write a sequel! I beg of you , need to know more of my blue thief , want to know more about the drawings and paintings of Rose , I want to know what will happen to the brothers of Rose and at the end if she will stay with Otto or Bren! Please write! I’ve been waiting for two years! I need to read more of this creativity! haha God bless you ! Kisses !
    P.S: Sorry for the grammatical mistakes.

    • Worry not about mistakes — if I worried, I’d never write a word. Thank you!

      • Thank you for caring! I was very happy with your response last year! And even happier when I discovered that decided to write the sequel to ” The Long, Long sleep ‘! I can only thank! Thank you very much! Oh, I saw the cover and the blurb, I noticed that this book will speak more of Otto, right? My love *-* I look forward to read the Brazilian version of the book!

  27. Hi! Im sadaf, 11 years old girl. I am into writing novels and u can read some of my stories on “yekibod,yeki nabod ” magazine. I love ur book i read this book on persian translation i really want to know after that what will happened for Rose and the others. I’ll be really happy if u read the second book of “A long,long sleep”. Thanks for ur information. I promise to follow ur books if i find Persian translation.
    And sorry if i have any mistakes on my comment. I love ur book :)

  28. Cant wait to hear when the sequel comes out. I just finished A Long Long Sleep its really good!

  29. Hey Anna,
    I just finished your book and I just wanted to say that I can’t wait until the next book! I am a songwriter and I understand writing and rewriting to make your publishers happy! Keep up the good work!! I know you can write a sequel just as good as the first book.

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