3 thoughts on “The Book is Here!

  1. Tamiles

    I am very happy that you have written a sequel! really you do not know how happy I am! thank you very much! Please, is there any estimate of when the book will be published in Brazil?

  2. Aulia

    i’ve read “a long long sleep” about 1 year ago, and i’m in love with that book, it’s true hahaha. when i finished read your book, a long long sleep, i hope you will make a sequel. this morning I look your book again in my shelves and decided to check on the internet if there are a sequel has been release or not. and finally i found out that the sequel is released. i dont know how to express my feeling and i wanna ask, is “no life but this” will sell in indonesia too? if yes, please let me know. thank you anna, and i’m one of your fans:))

  3. Tyrean Martinson

    I’m sorry that it took me a year to realize that the sequel is out! I received it as a Christmas gift this year, and read it in less than 24 hours. This means that my brain is currently struggling to deal with “post-book” buzz, but I think I can at least say – Wow!!! Loved it! Thank you for writing some beautifully complex and heartbreaking fiction with depth and meaning.


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